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POD – another channel

19 Jun

Sometimes it’s nice to hold a physical book. But POD is intimidating. Wonder if this could this be of any help?


Practical tools

13 Jun

Getting ideas is easy, fleshing them out, not so much. And in the process you have no idea sometimes how your ideas are going to behave (just look at God, Adam and Eve).

Here’s a neat post from Michael Scott, the guy who’s writing “The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel” series, on some practical ideas:

“- For capturing notes on the move, either by voice or with your phone’s camera, then look to the online applications like Evernote or Springpad. I’ve used both, but of late, I find myself using Springpad more and more.

For a while I used outlines and then, a few years ago, stumbled across a wonderful piece of software called TheBrain. This is a stunning piece of mind mapping software. There is a steep learning curve, but do stick with it. Its well worth it. All of the research, data and links for the series is built and stored within TheBrain and it allows me to see the connections on a single screen.

More recently, I have been using Microsoft’s OneNote as a way of capturing and storing online data. Over the last couple of books, it has become a crucial writing tool.”


11 Jun

As a writer, I am prone to attacks of fear. Fear of never getting published (Publish on Demand doesn’t count). Fear of not making it. Fear that really, I suck and I’d be better off flipping burgers or cleaning my bathroom or learning the guitar.

This blog is a place for venting. Rather than wearing out my poor friends. And it’s cheaper than therapy.

Write out the fear.

Then write.

Here we go again…

Hello world!

11 Jun

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